What could be better than fine chocolate truffles, based on classic cocktails, hand-made in London? If you thought “very, very few things”, then hello friend! We make our boozy chocs from the finest ingredients – such as Valrhona chocolate, premium Trinidadian rum, Gran Centanario tequila, fresh fruit and cream – and we hope you’ll agree that the result has the satisfying balance and punch of a well-mixed drink in your favourite bar. 


Welcome, boozy choc-fiends!

Coming soon: White Russian Truffle (individually blessed by our own Dudeist minister), Caipirinha Truffle, Perfect Manhattan Truffle,.

While you think about just how much you’d like to try some, here’s an old photo and some social media nonsense:

Our range:

  1. Trinidad Rum Cocktail Truffle. Fabulous! No, really, it is. A dark chocolate truffle based on a traditional family recipe.

  2. Dry Martini Truffle. Wow. A tricky one – possibly the Great White Whale of the cocktail-based truffle world – but we finally nailed the recipe for this exquisite white chocolate confection. As much Bombay Sapphire gin, and as little dry vermouth as we can manage are the key to this one.

  3. Margarita Truffle. Possibly even better than the rum cocktail truffle, according to Stevie. We use Gran Centanario tequila, and top things off with a hit of Atlantic sea salt.

  4. Mojito Truffle. Johnny No-Shuffle’s favourite, now available in an easy-to-spot triangular shape.

Our truffles are hand-made to order, in small
batches. If you’re Jonesin’ for hit of hooched-up
chocolate, buy them through our on-line store,
or contact us by email us to arrange your own
personal consignment of bootleg chocolate.
We’ll make whatever you want, and arrange
delivery by post or in person. We also

sell at some London food markets – follow us on twitter (@SpeakeasyChocs) for news.


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